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If you know me, then you know I like adventure. I’m always talking about going somewhere far. The great out doors! Over the hills and far, faar, faaaaarrrr away. However my experience of adventure is unfortunately more speculating than actually doing. Walter Kahuma is the complete opposite. I wish I could copy that section of his life and just paste it onto mine. This dude plans, he saves, and he goes for all his adventures whether alone or in a group. It is so cool.

When Walter first literally walked into my life, I caught a glimpse of him from the corner of my eye. Honestly, as he sauntered towards me, I was like, Daaaammmnnn! I was eager to know who he was and what he does. And boy does he do many things but the one thing that stood out for me was his love for nature and how he finds time in-between work to travel and see the places he dreams about then blog about them. When I ask Walter, Yo, what did you do this weekend? He is most likely to tell me, “So I went mountain climbing in the Rwenzori. You should come next time.”

Now ladies, before you get all excited about this lovely bloke, lemme assure you that he is taken. So, calm down. Breathe. The closest you could get to him is either reading his blog or joining him on one of his many adventures. I would choose the latter because there is something about travel and nature that opens the mind and heart to the largeness of life. It picks you out of your cave and expands your thinking and being. Whenever I travel or interact with people from different cultures or ways of viewing the world, I notice that my creative process inevitably becomes enhanced. My work becomes multidimensional, multicultural and just multi-multi, which is a gift to my audience. Like a looking glass, a window into what an amalgamation of experiences can create.

Walter thinks big and inspires me to do the same by saving up and going for a dream. He goes for his dream daily in new and unique ways. He lives! A piece of advice that he keeps telling me is “Don’t spiral. Don’t let your thoughts spiral. Control your thinking.” This advice has been useful in times like this, quarantine, when everything seems daunting. It is important to control the mind and not spiral think your way into depression. Instead read, call a friend, and plan your next adventure or cook. Live!

Walter recently wrote a blog that I love about chasing your dreams. Check it out below:


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