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Superhero 5 | Passive vs. Active Fans

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

One of the most difficult aspects of this challenge is that it forces me outside my comfort zone of passively observing people I admire to being an active admirer. It is hard to be an active fan of a person. It is a selfless pursuit that teaches you integrity. It is easy to openly attend a show and display to other attendees how you are so active at supporting whoever invited you but it takes an extra muscle to go online or pick up a phone and covertly but genuinely interact with that person.


Enough of the deep thoughts! Many of you know my next, very active Superhero. He has directed one of my plays and always seems to have limitless time for me. Dr. Charles Mulekwa is Special.

I wouldn’t say he inspires me because in this instance that feels like too flimsy a word to use in relation to him. I prefer to say that he affirms me. Whenever I call him up even to just say thank you or to reiterate what he means to me, he speaks with such authority that I end up feeling as though he were the one who called me instead. He is a master of mixing a compliment with criticism and leaving you perplexed, as to which is which.

Mulekwa has been an ardent supporter and mentor for my work. He demystified the pedestal that I viewed him on from all my drama classes and introduced me to raw Ugandan Theatre. One thing I have learned from him is to keep my word. When Dr. Mulekwa tells you he will be there, he will be there. As a playwright and drama teacher there is so much I can glean from him that makes me just want to shut up whenever I am around him. Thank you so much Dr. Charles.

That is him, Superhero #5


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