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Superhero 14 | The Composer

It is so rare these days to meet composer. It's not like you can be chilling with your friends and someone new joins the group and then they are introduced like, so this person is a composer. Like what! Yo, when I think composer, my mind goes to Mozart immediately. There is no lag between composer and I thinking - 1700's. But composers exist. We no longer go to the theatre to hear the latest concerto's and all those psychedelic sounding pieces but they have nevertheless penetrated our daily lives through movies, radio jingles, and in all sorts of ways which means there are anonymous musical geniuses behind it all.

Cristóbal Maryán is one of these composers of the 21st Century. I've watched Cris slave away at pieces for nights and nights till he got the perfect sounding diminuendo or the most clandestine 7th. You would see him sitting at a piano, for hours scratching his head as he utters, "It doesn't sound right." For Cris, creating music is not just about putting different notes together and hoping they sound right. For him, they must fit. They must sound right. They must reach that sweet musical spot in the soul. His dedication to the craft of music making is extremely intriguing and inspiring. I hope his music becomes the sheets of music that 8th grade music students strive to play in the future and that movies use as their sound scores time and times again.


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