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Superhero 15 | Slow, Steady, Sure

Our superhero today is a gorgeous young lady named Gloria Achilla. She's a musician, a poet, a thinker and so much more. I have not talked to Gloria about her process but I've watched pursue her dream and it has been a pursuit in grace.

Gloria won't just dive into the deep end of a swimming pool. She will ask questions like - Is this a swimming pool? Is this a swimming pool worth diving in to? how deep is it? why should I jump in? what happened to the last person who jumped in? what should I wear? how do i wear? I mean...she covers her bases; making sure that every endeavour is what she really wants. Now, I'm biased cause she's my sister and she sings jazz. I love jazz. She's like Kampala's personal Ella Fitzgerald.She has the kind of voice you want to listen to in a quiet lounge, after a long day, with the gentle pitter-patter of the rain outside and a glass of wine. Tranquillity. Bliss.

It is not just her soothing voice, magical hair, or stunning features that makes Gloria an inspiration but her relationship with God as well. Her constant search to find where her art meets her creator and how to bring that forward. And in this effort she paces her gigs, paces her song writing, paces her appearances so that she can get to know herself. Why she writes and for whom she writes. Not just dishing out song after song because her fans are eager and anxious or to increase following. No, hers is a in depth soul journey that she invites you on through her music in subtle ways. When she is called to perform, she is fully present and available but she gives that same presence and attention to her faith and her craft in the hidden place.


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