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Superhero 17 | Lessons in Communication

If you know me then you probably know that I speak my mind. My excuse is that I am the second born so I am the God-ordained spokesperson of the siblings and by the virtue of eloquence gifted to me, I shall speak. One day I had the amazing privilege of meeting Robinah Nansubuga: A kindred spirit in the sense that she also spoke her mind about issues. I looked on with a smile on my face, as Robinah would say exactly what I was feeling. It was so satisfying.

However it is not her eloquence in difficult situations that draws me to Robinah, its also her love for art and work ethic. I had never worked with a film-set designer so efficient. Yet she did all this while slaying! Rocking her boots, loose Aladdin pants and diva sunglasses. You could see her carrying props from one location to another, ordering this and that and being able to communicate her issues to the director in professional and timely ways. It was quite astonishing to watch.

“if it’s not working, it’s not working. You just got to find the right one. There’s no other option.”

When I finally got a chance to speak with her, Robinah told me how she gathers objects for years and years such as newspapers, cupboards or old sofa’s in order to build her props collection for productions. She would say with a cigar in hand, “if it’s not working, it’s not working. You just got to find the right one. There’s no other option.” She is meticulous and precise, making sure the film set is as it should be right down to the carpet that’s laid on the floor. Robinah, through her many actions has shown how to communicate in a professional yet firm manner and to execute whatever role is given with meticulous and careful precision. It’s not just enough to say something is off. Instead, communicate and find a solution to make it right and make the new right perfect.


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Joan Kirabo
Joan Kirabo
Jul 08, 2020

“The God ordained spokes person” 😂 I can totally relate! Thanks for the reminder that good communication plays a big part in professionalism.

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