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Superhero 18 | The 'N' word

It was quite cool to meet Malcolm on the day I planned on writing about him. That Malcolm guy, that Malcolm guy is special. Malcolm is a person whom I would call ‘ The King of Keeping it Real.’

Malcolm Bigyemano has always been known to me as that Malcolm guy. He was the guy who could get away with anything through his smooth yet goofy gift of gab and ability to call out a bluff in the red-hot moment. Yup, he is the type of guy to say, “Eh, but you, did you just pass wind?” And if you deny him he will smile and say, “are you sure?” hahaha.

Side Note: ... it is so hard to find a photo of Malcolm alone... #friendlyguy

Malcolm once told me that when he passes away, he wants his organs to be donated to medical research or a patient. He looked out the window and spoke about how nice it would be to know that his organs were safe and sound somewhere not rotting in some six feet under. Though his soul gone, his body would be useful. I laughed and responded that in order for that to happen he would first need to take extra care of his body.

Malcolm stays true to his personality when making films. He shoots them as he visualizes them thus making his work unique. He has learned the rules of film making and rather than breaking them, I would say he enhances them. His stories expose real heart motives in comedic ways. His work is refreshing.

It is easy to get thrown off by Malcolm’s jovial banter and be lead to think that he is not paying any heed to the crux of an issue. But it’s quite the opposite. Malcolm listens, he watches and often makes accurate judgments about situations. He knows himself and that’s why I like being around him. He knows what he can handle and isn’t afraid of the ominous ‘N’ word: NO! Perhaps he won’t utter those two menacing letters but he will decline and maintain the friendship.

Side Note 2: I'm listening to Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters as I write this. #Vibe

As a creative, that speaks volumes to me. When you’re trying to earn money and torn between gigs and then someone will recommend you for another project, saying no is hard. Knowing what you can handle takes spending honest time with oneself. Malcolm knows this and that is why his work is first satisfying to himself and then to his audiences. I’m honoured to know that Malcolm guy.

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