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Superhero 2 | Shebeta Carter

I wasn't quite sure what to expect of Shebeta before I met her. I had never heard of her and I had that queasy feeling you can get when someone says "hey, you're a creative, you should meet this other creative person". Yeaaaahhhhh thin-k so. But God had taken me to Chicago for a very specific reason so I was open to it despite my introverted tendencies.

Shebeta is tinnnyyy!!! #bodygoals and I'm old enough to be her daughter so #ageinggoals. She is a director, producer and actress. The friend who introduced us insisted that I watch a particular work of hers called "The Wannabe's". To be honest I was skeptical because of my reservation to christian films and drama where the message is ominously in your face the entire production. Though as we sipped our smoothies I became endeared to Shebeta. Her gentle spirit, keen eye for quality and confidence in God for her craft was tangible. Not only that, but she also works alongside her daughter and together they make a dynamic production duo. How cool is that? Shebeta is able to do something that I'm still working which is flexing those creative muscles inside the church and outside the church. She had just returned from production meet in LA when we met and was gearing up plan for Easter productions at their church and I could tell that in her mind there was no difference between the two. Perhaps one was more demanding than the other but at the end of the day she was pursuing her passion with a solid WHY.

Thank you Shebeta for challenging me, speaking to me and being visible as a Christian woman navigating the performance industry.

Know more about Shebeta on her website below:


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