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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I think more people need to talk about Madame Kaya Kagimu. What a powerful woman. Kaya is currently my producer for luganda radio drama that I part of called Akukunizo and she doesn’t back down till you voice your character right. I love it.

What I love about Kaya is her gentle press foreword. This is a lady who has had her fair share of set backs and wins in the theatre industry but she navigates them with grace. You’ll never hear her raise her voice but she will tackle a situation by saying, “Anyway, we shall find a way to get through it.”

Kaya reminds me to stick it out in touch situations. Hold ground in tough situations. Keep your eyes on the prize and just keep going. As a producer I see her jumping production hurdles and doing backflips over obstacles. As an actress, I’ve seen her make it work when actors don’t show or the set has unexpectedly changed. As a director, I’ve seen her be patient enough to walk an actor through the scene over and over again till the desired quality is achieved. She spends time with her work. She gives her energy and brain to everything she does and commits. It is never one foot out, one foot in. She’s all in.

As an emerging artist I am constantly tempted to pull out of projects when they are not working. I have valid reasons to do so. But just because the reasons are valid doesn’t mean the work should be abandoned. Sometimes it is best to stick it through and that builds your own personal character and one or two lessons about the industry as well. It is so easy to think that the industry is leaving you behind in some sort of way and everyone is progressing while you’re stalling but it’s only a matter of time. You never know, things may change and I appreciate Kaya for showing me this.


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