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Superhero 21 | The Giver

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Marci, Marci, Marci! Marcella Onsinyo: Songwriter, Musician, Curator, Costumer, Translator, Kiswahilli dialect coach, Artist, Cook, Giver. This lady can give eh!

If you have read the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, one of my favourite childhood stories, then picture Marci as the tree. My journey with Marci has been short but our time together has felt as if it was kindled from childhood. In the couple of years that I've known her, I've watched her give her time, her money, her food, her knowledge with abandon. She gives as if sowing a seed. Her harvest is for an unforeseen future.

I've watched Marci give a lot to film projects and theatre but what struck me about her was her investment in lives of those with special needs. She will go out of her way on rainy days, or to far destinations to educate and mingle with children with special needs and encourage their parents. She uses all her eclectic talent to minister to these individuals through what she calls, Angaza Sessions. Now, I know - it sounds like my name. But go back, read it again. It's ANgaza sessions. You can read more about it in an article written about her below:

When I consider what Marci is doing: giving back and helping the community, I reflect on my ability to impact now rather than sometime in the future when I have "made it". Perhaps, too often we prevent ourselves from making immediate impact to our communities because we are waiting for a big break or money or there are just so many bills to pay. But Marci see's God as the supplier of all her needs so she tells me that she doesn't worry. After all it all belongs to him. So, I am challenged to think, besides just winning awards eventually, how can my work and my body be useful to my community now. How can I use the mustard seed in my hand now, plant it and reap a bigger future harvest. I think Marci really reflects superhero qualities in her selflessness and willingness to save and help those who need it.

Check out Marci's latest EP Album, Nostalgia


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