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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Beverly Nambozo showed me that my work could mean something.

It was 2011. Those were the days when I wrote poetry in order to remain sane. Poetry was a way out of the world and a way in to some fantastical world. When I submitted my poem to Beverly's award, I didn't think much of it. I saw myself as a teen age writer who would be given a pat on the shoulder saying - darling your writing is so sweet. And that would be it. Just patronising compliments from adults and swoosh, I would be back to the drawing board of rhymes and canto.

It was the award night and I had no desire to attend it because, after all, my writing was up against the gurus of the poetry industry. I knew I was no where close. So, just as I was settling down for movie night with my family, I receive a call from Beverly asking where I was. She insisted I attend the award ceremony. So I, unenthusiastically, mustered my limbs and arrived at the awards ceremony just in time. By this time I hoped that I would come in second place or at least third place...My thinking at the time was...maybe they wanted to show me that I had potential to be a writer so one of these lower positions will boost me. But no, this hope fizzled away when I saw two other lady's take those winning positions. Suddenly, I hear my name being called for first position and I hesitated to stand because I was still mourning the loss of positions number 2 and 3..Wait! I had won! You gotta be kidding me! But I'm a teenager - I thought.

I listened to Beverly talk about my work and her hopes for its future and I was blown away. Who was this woman she was speaking of that had my name? I wanted to meet me! Since then Beverly has been a silent but ardent supporter of all my endeavours for which I am grateful. She didn't judge me according to my age or stage in life, she saw into me and spoke to the greater person inside; calling ME out. Beverly continues to inspire individuals of all ages through literature and elocution. Bless you Bev!

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