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Superhero 23 | First things First

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I’m excited about the person for today’s post because we are currently working on a little somethin , somethin coming out soon. L.O.L, I love how we creative’s are so vague with our to do list. Sigh…comes with the trade I guess. Anyhoo!

Hannah Bamukunda is a woman of God first before she is anything else. Boom! Post done. Let me go make dinner.

No… for real though this lady is phenomenal.

She is the queen of M.Y.O.B (mind your own business) but simultaneously, if she is your friend, then your business is her business. She will ask you about your spiritual life, love life, emotional life, fashion life, health life, friendship life and not only will she tell you to get them in order, she will follow up to see the results. Talk about a friend, critique, mentor and cheerleader all boxed up in one.

Hannah is a great make-up artist but what I love about her is that when she approaches job opportunities she seems to fulfill the spiritual reason for which God placed her there. She will deliberately seek out the people the Holy Spirit leads her to seek in those spaces and speak LIFE into their lives. She will pray over projects whether she is asked to or not. She will encourage. Yes, she will accomplish her earthly task but if her spiritual task isn’t complete, she will make the necessary phone calls and follow-up to make sure whoever needs healing or encouragement gets it.

Yo! Folks, that ain’t easy. I mean - we know the drill as God-fearing people: When the Lord brings to you an opportunity, pray about it, seek counsel then voila…go for it. But it’s rare to hear people ask, did you fulfill why God placed you in that job. It’s rare to hear someone ask you, why are you here? Especially if your role is like…the director of a movie; you’d think it’s obvious. But such questions cause one to pause and contemplate about their calling in various positions. You may do the job, but will the heavenly acknowledge THE job as being complete? Hmm… Think about it!

So Hannah Banana is such inspiration in reminding me to basically store my treasures in heaven first then earth second.

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......glad I did wait around for a good song! A good name is better than riches.

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