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Superhero 32 | Your No is my Yes

Her laugh is so contagious. Even if you don’t want to laugh, she will laugh and tear up so much that you will eventually laugh. That’s Patience Asaba Katushabe, the GREAT!

Patience is a bundle of Joy to work with yet at the same time a ferocious implementer. I would not want to get on her bad side. When it is time for work, you had better work because Madame director patience will shoot daggers of eyes at you and your tummy will do back flips. Just don’t try it. But if it’s play time, her jokes and puns will leave you feeling like she was the twin you never had.

Patience is a young film director that I had the awesome privilege of meeting through the Women in Film Initiative. While some of us were still contemplating what we wanted to do with our lives in high school, Patience was already playing with the big boys. I bet it was her contagious laugh that opened those doors or if not, then it is her dislike for mediocrity in work execution. I’ve watch Patience try to remain calm when something is not going right. She shifts energy from what foot to the other then paces up and down, checking on everyone else to see if they are ok, never asking directly, then with a burst of emotion she intervenes politely but firmly.

One thing I’ve learned from Patience is that a “no”, may sometimes be a “maybe” or “yes” in disguise. See, I’m the kind who will brood over something before I ask it or request it. I will try to fish out every response the other person will give me and if they no, then that’s it! I won’t try again. Patience is different. You tell her no, and she is most likely to bring you a ten page proposal on why you should say yes and then take you out for a drink to explain to you how you and her are now partners for life. Hahaha! Miss go- getter. I could definitely use some of that tenacity. Sometimes a ‘no’ in the performance industry is actually a test and if you really don’t know what you want and how much you want it, it becomes easy to miss out on huge opportunities. Patience knows and I love the way she uses it to her advantage.

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