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Superhero 34 | Relax

Joe Kahiri is one person who has taught me to loosen up and relax on a lot of issues. His free spirit and artistic mind enables him to navigate life and issues as if they are breeze. Even in the most difficult of situations, he will find a way to lighten the mood.

I used to think to think he was that basic guy who had the dreadlock's played guitar and sang but as I got to know Joe, I realised that he is literally a whole box of tricks.

If he doesn't know something he isn't afraid to learn it or admit that he doesn't know and fail till he gets it. Dude sings, plays guitar, does caricature, and his brain is like reading an art history encyclopaedia. But what really cracks me up and inspires me about him is that he asks questions.

Who are you? What are you? Why do you think that? Do you believe that? How do you play that? Can you show me that? How did you do that? Why did you that? When did you do that? Can I do that with you next time? On and on and on...And he has such a irresistible jovial nature that it's easy to allow him into your brain space.

You know those annoying people who ask too many question and you're like...GO AWAY! no he is not one of them.

I think so many times as artists we get so uptight about who we are and what we are doing and how we want to do it that we forget to just chill and relax and go back to those doodles and spur of the moment song creation moments. Have jam sessions that don't need to lead to anything. Draw something that doesn't have to be in a museum one day. Make fun videos that don't have to get over 1000 likes in order to be awesome. Relax and live. And in that laissez fait attitude you might be surprised at what great work you end up making or great friendships you end up having.

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