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Superhero 36 | Humility

I guess it goes without saying that when you're out there and you've made it, it's important to remain humble and yada yada yada. That's the theory. But then you meet some people and you're like wow! I don't want to meet you again. I remember meeting one particular celebrity and lets just say they are no longer are fave of mine. But Cleopatra Koheirwe is one beautiful, humble, talented woman.

If you want to know who she is and what she does, there are so many articles and video's of her out there. Feel free to spoil yourself. I'm going to go ahead and tell a personal story.

It was evening after a long day of filming. The cast were all going their separate ways and wishing each other happy weekends and I escorted Cleo to her car. She was in a hurry to leave because she had to figure out what to wear for an event she had later that evening where she was the MC. I told her wear a black dress because we all know the magic of a black dress. She showed me pictures and I was trying to pick an outfit but she didn't want any of the choices because she'd already used most of them. She leaned in and whispered to me, " I'm a public figure Aganza, it's important that I look you know...different". I was so so touched by this statement by two things.

Here she was, a major figure in the industry, humble enough to invite me in on her clothe choosing troubles and gently coach me on what it means to be famous yet, simultaneously, she's aware of the impact her image has on others and is willing to put in the time to maintain and take care of it. I told myself never to forget that.

Something I've realised among creatives who strive so much to be seen as humble and approachable is that this happens at the expense of their overall look and outward image. Dressing down or haggard doesn't necessarily mean you're humble neither does being dressed to impressed mean you're so full of yourself. Each calling in life comes with it's requirements and Cleo showed me that yes, keep your heart in the right place because God see's that but remember people see the outside. Its important to take care of both.

Love you Cleo!

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