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The Word is Your Script. Act it Out!

One time my big sister Rae-Rae reminded me of why I perform and for whom. She encouraged me and said girl “you’re going to do works that no eye has seen… your audience is one and the applause is for only one”. Big Sister checked me! Yo she checked me! Our conversation sparked off the thoughts below.

Jesus was the best ‘actor’ of all time. He, A KING, decided to come down to earth and play the role of you and me, human. The Dude does a mic-drop climax and returns to heaven.

Some of us are still struggling to be ourselves. I know I am. Yet Jesus wasn’t acting as in pretending. He became fully human and experienced all our experiences while simultaneously, he was fully God. I’m not making this up, it is in the bible.

Now, get this, we are called to do the same. The bible tells us to put off our earthly nature and put on our kingly nature. #Characterswitch . We are encouraged be like Christ. Not in pretence but BE HIM. I mean, Jesus said, “I only do what I see my father do”. Hint, hint, we are to do the same. When people look at you they are to see Christ. The only true Character on this stage called life.

What is our script? The bible. Hence my tag line – The Word is your Script. Act it Out! Like if you need a lesson on how to act (pun intended) just read about this guy named Jesus.

I find all of this extremely challenging. It is easy to say but mehn! Hard to implement. It is so much easier to play a character in a script, do a few deep breaths, stretch and walk onto stage and make the playwright look like a genius. But as soon as I step off that stage I have to remember my true character. Not the one who is tired or desiring many likes on FB and just plan vain. No the higher character who is kind and joyful, patient, loving, self controlled and peaceful and make my playwright, God, look genius. That character is hard to put on when there are so many other easier ones. But Apostle Paul reminds us to press-on. Press-on towards the goal. Some days may be easier than others.

As a Christian performer, the only way I know to learn the script God has given me and act it to the best of my ability is to let him direct and to study that script like crazy.

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