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Superhero 4 | Zahara Abdul

If you don't know Zahara then you have seen her work. If you think you have not seen her work then let me jog your memory.

Remember that super sexy sunny and fun photo you saw on my About page of me. That picture was taken by Zahara. As in guys...just stalk this mamacita's work. Her photography is fresh air.

Check out her instagram page:


The infant photo in the slide above was taken on the first day of 2020 at midnight for a UNICEF advert that was shared globally. Love! Love! Love!


Zahara is my industry sister. When I see her moving, I keep moving. I've had the privilege of working with Zahara on many production sets like Silent Voices, 27 Guns and Youth for Film Project where she was the main photographer. Now these were not easy sets to be on. For example on the 27 Guns we would be in swampy waters some days, thick bushes another day or up slippery and rocky hills shooting in the dead of night or at the break of dawn and guess who was there with us. Zaza. This lady had her boots on, her heavy back-pack and I mean heavy ... and all her lenses lined up. With her pair of sassy sunglasses kinky curls she would walk onto set and snap away. It was like nothing in the world could touch her. Her work speaks for itself and her personality leaves you with yummy feelings of a good friendship.

She is one heck of a photographer and I'm honoured to have her phone number. Zahara my dear, keep moving, keep being you. You inspire me!


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