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Every Creative has Their Time

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

So many thoughts have been running through my mind about whom I should I highlight in these 90 days. Peoples names are flashing in and out of my medulla like shooting stars. I wondered whether I should focus only on those who inspire me in the industry or perhaps just people who inspire me in general.

I revisited my conversation with Arthur and realised that he sneakily escaped my questions and sent me off on this challenge. Clever chap! So I think I should use these 90 days as a way of looking for the answers to those questions, not only through christian creatives but through everyone that I've come into contact with who left an impression.


Side note: I'm listening to SUZANNA by Sauti Sol as I write this. Love this song! :)


This is what I asked my first superhero:

Is there a greater God-given bigger success that you're working towards with these many mini little creative successes or do you just know that since you're a creative and if you keep all your execution mediums oiled then God is ok with that?

This was asked because I have struggled with being multitalented and Christian. There is a healthy spiritual pressure to multiply the talent God has given me but then there is also a unhealthy external pressure from society that expects an extremely talented person to be somewhere in life by a certain time and putting out work all the time. As much as i believe that talented people should try as much as possible to keep their skills oiled and growing, there is a time to execute and a time to go down-under and just grow. For example, during this extended lock-down period a lot of creatives are online getting their groove on and I find it overwhelming. At first it was cool! but then after the fourth or fifth zoom call, my brain went into a withdrawal state and i wondered whether this new trend, in this season, was for me. Friends hit me up and said, hey girl you should do this and that and share this and that but my inner-man could not and so I didn't. Simultaneously, I refuse to be overwhelmed or feel the social pressure to put out work simply because it is trendy. Creatives have seasons, creatives have specific messages for specific seasons and a christian creative following the Holy Spirits leading will gain clarity of those seasons. It is ok to be multitalented but it doesn't mean I should be spread out so thin that I forget why I do what I do or who I do it for.

The second reason I asked Arthur the question was because it is not common to find successful christian artists. And I don't mean just artists who say God is good, No. I'm talking prophesying, miracle working actors, directories, etc. Mehn! When Letitia Wright professed her faith so boldly and still speaks about it openly, i found that inspiring. Girl is walking the talk! She is successful and loves the Lion of Judah. This narrative that christian artists / creatives make boring work or can't succeed past a certain point needs to stop. I mean... I find christian movies so boring. Super bland. But it doesn't have to be that way. Perhaps in these ninety days I will find some believers who are creating ground-shattering, sky-cracking work that reflects the greatness of the God they serve.

This blog post was meant to be my second superhero but my heart had other plans. Comment below and let me know what your answer to the above question is or some of your reflections in this area. I would very much like to know.


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