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Whom Do I Go With?

So, there is a social media strategist on Instagram called Monty whom I started following randomly because I wanted to learn how to make better reels. Don't judge me. I admit it. I got the reel bug during covid and I loooove it! But back to the point, this new year, 2022, Monty shared something and it has stuck with me.

2021 was a transformative year for me for many different reasons. One of the most occurring question during the year was "Whom should I work with?" And from that question was a drop-down menu of others like it such as: Who are my friends? Where are my friends? Is this or that person trustworthy? Why should i work with them? Should I work alone? know the spiral. This weighed and still weighs heavily on me. Art is delicate. The person who you choose to entrust your work to should either value it as much as you do or more otherwise it can shrivel in the wrong hands. Art can even shrivel in your own hands and you may need a foster parent for it. Now, my personality loves a friend during the journey. Not necessarily to help me or do anything but just to be there. Someone who can tell me to keep going when I get distracted. But in 2021 God cautioned me of this need to have company.

Boom! The self-motivation and courage avatar danced in front of me and dared me to wear them. realised that I enjoyed the busybody feeling of helping others achieve their goals. I took pleasure in scratching my brain on how we "all" could get to the promised land. However, it wasn't an all. It was them getting there and me doing some pathetic cheerleading dance. Me, ignoring my own strength. Hiding. Dodging myself and hoping that my dreams and purpose will be fulfilled. Have you been there before or know what I'm talking about? It's almost like missing your train because you were trying to make sure everyone got on the train. As if they needed your help. As if it was their train too. As if you were even doing anything. What I was doing was the cowardly, pusillanimous and pathetic action of fear.

Yes! I am angry at myself because so much time is wasted waiting for the "crew" yet the angels are in your face, waving their sparkly white feathers for your to just move on. So, 2022 has come along and I told myself to move. MOVE! Regardless of if someone is with me or not. I got to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! And Monty's quote encouraged me.

He said it better than I could think it.

I believe 2022 is a year where God is going to call a lot of artists to move against the tide. It will be lonely and scary and weird but it is ok. This is not to say that we abandon those who are helping us, no! It just means not to dawdle about waiting for company.

Happy New Year Fam!


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