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Superhero 13 | Lessons in Personality

Yesterdays superhero inspires me to do something that I believe todays superhero does. This lady is not afraid to be herself and she does so in such a way that everyone can have a piece of her flourish colourful vibe. She is the queen of the walalala! The gorgeous queen of love - Solome Basuuta.

This woman! First of all, can we take a minute to appreciate her 37th birthday photo above. Like #goals. It's beautiful! and that is Solome, she really defines: BE YOU TO FULL! No, half, half living. No bland colours, no hiding your personality, no timidity. No. She gives you what God gave her and if it is too much for you then she won't apologise for it.

My first encounter with Solome was not through her amazing music, it was through a conversation with a friend. This person was telling me how invested in the word of God Solome was. and I was like wow! She must be a deep woman. I immediately imagined those stereotypical God-fearing mothers of the church with their flowery outfits and headscarfs who speak 'christianise'. But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I met Solome. She definitely knows her God but more than that, she has spent so much time with Him and come to appreciate who she is in him that it simply spills over to everyone who is around her. I admire the time she spends writing and enhancing herself because I know it will bring forth awesome fruit whether in a song or a conversation. Solome teaches me to embrace my God given personality and share it with others.


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