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Superhero 24 | Go for It!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

The only reason our superhero for today wants me to be famous as an actress is because then she can meet her actor crush through me.

P.S.A: Banange Actor crush if you are out there and reading this. Make yourself known so that I can introduce you to her parents in Uganda, round up her friends in Kenya and then you go marry her in Oklahoma.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you haven't yet guessed it, our superhero for today is Lamar Minne! The Fabulous.

Now, Lamar and I go way back. Wa-ay back! So I know for a fact that Lamar is one resilient, tenacious, level-headed, fighter of a woman. When Lamar say's she is going to do something, stand back! Just stand back, otherwise you will get bulldozerized. (It's not a word but it is now :) ) We used to play basketball together and because of our height we usually were the shooters, the fantastic forwards. When Lamar decided to charge for the basket it was like the world was ending that very minute and this was the ticket to heaven. It was ladylike force at its best.

As adults, Lamar has maintained the same game play. She goes for her baskets. She will stay up all night, she will walk long distances, she will send emails, she will follow up and learn and re-learn or unlearn till she reaches her goal. Her journey has had many faith goals but the one that has stood out for me the most was her drive to go to worship school. She was living in Nairobi and when we would get a chance to speak it always seemed like more doors were opening for her in Nairobi than they were abroad at her desired worship school. But she spoke about going as if she were to travel the next day.The jobs and gigs she got were all just stepping stones towards this dream. Then one day she got $1000 bucks to travel and I was like ok...ok...and then in what seemed like an overnight, she had got just the right amount to go for her dream. I was shook!

People my age, Millennials, are known to hope around. We rarely pursue purpose or a specific plan more than two years without calling it quits. Even two years is long. What inspires me about Lamar is that she doesn't beat-about-the-bush when it comes to what she wants in life. She sets targets and meets them. Whether it is school, friendships, creativity, weight goals or...even...perhaps Actor crushes whose names we wont mention ...haha.... It's such a joy to see my sister running head strong in the race God has called her too.

Check out Lamar's amazing VLOG!


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1 Comment

I'm inspired by young people pursuing purpose than expecting life on a silver platter. This is such an inspiring piece about a determined young lady! A great piece!

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